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    The TurboLearn app is a great way to review the Questions in your Collection prior to taking a Quiz. The Questions and correct answers are presented in groups in a slide-show fashion, automatically advancing to the next Question in the group after a predetermined time.

    Starting and Stopping TurboLearn

    TurboLearn starts automatically, and advances to the next question in approximately 8 seconds (Speed: Normal). You can pause TurboLearn by hovering your mouse over the blue TurboLearn box. You can also manually start and stop by clicking the red circle (stop), or green circle (start). There are other circles representing the other Questions in the group that can be clicked to review those questions in detail.

    Group Size

    The default group size is 10 Questions, with the first 10 Questions presented in random order. Use the group links under the TurboLearn box (Prev, Page 1, Page 2, Next) to jump between Question groups.


    Below the TurboLearn box are customization options, such as group size (number of questions per group), box size (small or large), speed (Slow: 12 seconds, Normal: 8 seconds, Fast: 4 seconds) and whether or not to show explanations, if any.

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