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    The Site Map, Sitemap, or Site Index is a list of all the pages on the TeachLearnRepeat.com website. Organized in a top-down, hierarchical fashion, a person may browse the Site Map to find pages on the site.


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Participation Score

Your TLR Participation Score reflects the activity that you've logged while signed on to the TeachLearnRepeat.com site. The score is recalculated periodically, at least once a day, but as much as once per hour. Adding Collections, Questions, Likes, Favorites and so forth all contribute to the score, as does the taking of Quizzes. making Suggestions, managing a growing Study Group and more.

The Participation Score is shown as a whole number when it is less than 1000; from one thousand to one million it is expressed in K (thousands). For example 2.1K is around 2100.

If your Participation Score is greater than one million, congratulations! Your score will be expressed in M (millions). For example, 1.23M would be around 1,230,000.

The Participation Score appears next to your ID, or name, as a superscript.

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