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I see that I can add an explanation of the answer to my question that will appear after the student has answered the question. Is there a way to add individual explanations for any (or all) of the incorrect answers on a multiple choice question?

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Dan McAvinchey: TLR's eLearning Feature Imagineer

A brief introduction to the Founder of TeachLearnRepeat.

Hello, and welcome to, a web site designed to support the goal of lifelong learing.

I've been involved with global guitar music on the web for 15 years, but in 2011, I began working on a free, web-based eLearning and online assessment project, which became I'm interested in connecting with lifelong learners, students, home-school parents, and eLearning and training professionals all over the world, with the intention of sharing technology, techniques and ideas to enhance lifetime learning.

Prior to beginning work on this web site, I founded Guitar Nine Records in 1996, an independent Internet-based company (, to market and sell music by over 1000 independent labels and bands; the company has achieved over $2 million in sales.

I personally invite each and every one of you to explore this site, and see what it has to offer you, but more importantly, what it could offer you in the future. The Members who sign up during our first year will have unprecedented access to myself. and the development team, to discuss their own implementations, and their new ideas and suggestions.

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