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Be fearful of mediocrity

British artist Jonathan Ellery was quoted as saying, "Be fearful of mediocrity." We're here to inspire and help you so you won't settle for being a "70 percenter" - rather, striving for excellence and settling for being a "95 to 100 percenter."

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Don't Just Learn - TurboLearn!

The TurboLearn App enhances drills and run-thrus.

You can accelerate your learning with TurboLearn, which works with any TeachLearnRepeat Question Collection to provide a flashcard-like experience on the Internet. You can drill every Question and Answer in your Collection, within groups of 5 to 20 Questions, prior to assessing your progress with a Quiz or Test.


Let's illustrate TurboLearn with an example. Take a Collection called "Spanish Nouns", and assume it contains 100 Questions. Let's also say we'd like to drill in groups of 10 Questions.

TurboLearn will then take the first 10 Questions in the Collection, shuffle them up, and show you the Question and the Answer - advancing to the next Question after 8 seconds (at Normal speed). When you are ready to move on to the next group of 10, you'll click on the number '2' under the TurboLearn box. In this way, you can move through every Question in your Collection, but with a "controlled randomness" that will force your brain to work just a little harder.

You can pause TurboLearn at any time, just by hovering over the TurboLearn box with the mouse, or by clicking the red 'Stop' circle within the TurboLearn box (click the green 'Start' to continue). You can also click any of the blue circles (which represent individual Questions within that group) to review any Question in detail.

You can also choose between three speeds (Fast: 4 seconds, Normal: 8 seconds, Slow: 12 seconds), and optionally display any Explanations that may be included as part of the Question.

The best way to experience TurboLearn is to jump right in and start using it, click the link below to try out TurboLearn on something every middle school child in the United States is familiar with - learning the state capitals for the 50 states.

TurboLearn Example: State Capitals © 2011